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Children at this age are at an important stage in their growth and development of balance, handeye coordination, and muscle control. Gymnastics provides social experiences for your child to make new friends and grow to be more independently selfconfident in their social ability.


This social setting in gymnastics classes stimulates appropriate social manners like taking turns, respecting others, listening and following directions. Research shows improved brain function, selfimage and memory retention in kids who are involved in gymnastics programs.


Research shows that gymnastics for toddlers programs tend to promote increased concentration, a deeper understanding of important early developmental facets, and overall physical and mental wellbeing.

Class Options


Our Under 5s are based on age
Children can begin as early as 1yr old
Classes are grouped as

  • Milky ways 1-2yrs
  • Astros 2-3yrs
  • Comets 3.5yrs+

children in Comets are in small classes some without parent involvement and broken into groups based on ability or gender.


Classes run Monday to Saturday morning with multiple classes and instructors.


Children will develop gross and fine motor skills, spatial awareness, confidence and socially. They will climb, crawl, roll, flip and test themselves to overcome fears while having fun and making friends.